Singles Welcome: Talbot Interfaith Shelter Opens New Home on Goldsborough Street

Talbot Spy, July 9, 2022

No thanks to COVID, it took a lot longer than expected. Still, a few weeks ago, the Talbot Interfaith Shelter finally opened the doors to a second home on Goldsborough Street in Easton.

Responding to the community’s need to find housing for single adults faced with homelessness, the TIS decided in 2021 to purchase the adjacent house to their first shelter on Goldsborough.

According to TIS’s executive director, Julie Lowe, that transaction not only continued her organization’s mission to end “homelessness on Maryland’s Mid-Shore by providing shelter, stability, support, and a path to success for families and individuals in need,” it was also seen as a positive affirmation of the TIS’s presence in the historic district of Easton.

Not only was the Goldsborough Street community welcoming the new addition, but it was also profoundly gratifying to Julie and her board that the sellers of the 109 Goldsborough, who once battled to stop the first homeless shelter from moving next door, were now one of the strongest advocates for TIS’s expansion.

In our short Spy interview, Julie talks about how the second house will impact the region and how seamlessly TIS carries on its mission amid an increasingly affluent neighborhood.

This video is approximately two minutes in length. For more information on the Talbot Interfaith Shelter please go here

On Saturday, July 9th, the Talbot Interfaith Shelter will host their first of three “Bushels and Brews” event at the Hummingbird Inn at 12 N Aurora Street.  Please go here for details of this special fundraiser.