Mission and Program

Talbot Interfaith Shelter was born from a partnership between people from different walks of life, all of whom were galvanized around a shared goal: ending homelessness on the Mid-Shore. To this day, many hundreds of volunteers, donors, and supporters come together each year to share in carrying out our mission and guiding the men, women, and children in our program from homelessness to Success.

At Talbot Interfaith Shelter, we recognize that we cannot fulfill our mission without the support of our donors, volunteers, and our incredible Mid-Shore community. Thus, our mission, vision, and principles are not ours alone - we share them with YOU, our partners in the fight against homelessness, and we carry them out together to help our neighbors achieve Success!

Our Shared Mission

We are dedicated to ending homelessness on Maryland’s Mid-Shore by providing Shelter, Stability, Support, and a path to Success for families and individuals in need.

Our Shared Vision

Our vision is that no one in our community will ever have to spend a night on the streets, in a car or in the woods because he or she cannot find housing. 

Our Shared Principles

We are supported cooperatively by different religious faith groups and community organizations.  Our staff, Board of Directors, volunteers and donors respect the individuality, confidentiality, and privacy of guests, and do not proselytize to guests. Each member of the community is invited to participate in this effort.

We believe that all men, women, and children have an inherent right to adequate housing that is safe and secure. TIS is open to individuals of all races, genders, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations and religions.
We provide a safe and secure environment that is smoke, alcohol, and drug free.  Guests are accepted on the basis of their ability to meet these standards, and our ability to meet their needs with our resources.

We establish policies and procedures that create an appropriate environment for guests, staff, and volunteers.

We are committed to working cooperatively with other private and public agencies to facilitate guests’ access to appropriate services and help them attain sustainable self-sufficiency.

The S4 Program

The S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success) is a comprehensive approach to ending homelessness.  Guests receive shelter, rigorous case management, connection to services, life skills training, and more.  Scroll down to learn about how your support changes lives!

Our Shelter Homes

Homelike Environment

Our houses redefine what a homeless shelter should look like, and where our neighbors deserve to stay while getting on their feet.


Each house has a case manager who creates a personalized plan for each guest and connects them with necessary resources.

Fellowship and Family

Guests in both homes share "family dinner" together each night. Guests form support systems and help and encourage each other.

On-Site Meeting Space

Our shelters have meeting spaces that enable guests to meet in private with service providers, counselors, and clergy.

In-House Laundry Facility

Each house has a washer and dryer, and each guest is assigned a laundry day so they can wash their clothes at home.

Alcohol & Drug-Free

Our Shelters are alcohol and drug-free facilities. We also provide a relapse prevention program for guests in recovery.

Case Management

Guests in the S4 Program work with a Case Manager to identify their individual needs and develop a personalized plan for moving forward. Case Managers then provide guidance, connection with service providers, and encouragement as guests work through their plans.  

TIS Case Managers Assist With:

Obtaining lost documentation

Securing employment

Mental Health treatment

Food stamps

Temporary Cash Assistance

Rental and utility Assistance

Child Care Scholarships

SSI disability applications

….and much more!

Life Skills Training

The goal of the S4 Program is to address our guests’ underlying needs and prepare them to successfully live independently once they leave Talbot Interfaith Shelter.  To that end, guests are required to attend Life Skills Training that will help them attain knowledge and tools that will help them once they are back living on their own.  New classes are added as trends emerge with the guests participating in the program.

TIS Life Skills Classes Include

Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World

Character Counts for Adults

Anger Management

Job Readiness


Mental Health 101

Staying Quit

Financial Literacy