Who We Are

Late in 2008, a small group of compassionate individuals from a number of religious faiths met to discuss a shared concern – the plight of people without a home or shelter, especially families, in our area. In January 2009, with the support of our wonderful community, we opened our doors for the first time, and thanks to you, we have been successfully serving people in need ever since.

Our Shared Mission

We are dedicated to ending homelessness on Maryland’s Mid-Shore by providing Shelter, Stability, Support, and a path to Success for families and individuals in need.

Our Shared Vision

Our vision is that no one in our community will ever have to spend a night on the streets, in a car or in the woods because he or she cannot find housing. 

Our Shared Principles

We are sponsored and operated cooperatively by different religious faith groups and community organizations, who respect the individuality, confidentiality, and privacy of guests. Each member of the community is invited to volunteer in this effort. 

We believe that all men, women, and children have an inherent right to adequate housing that is safe and secure. TIS is open to individuals of all races, genders, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations and religions.

We provide a safe and secure environment that is smoke, alcohol, and drug free.


Guests are accepted on the basis of their ability to meet these standards, and our ability to meet their needs with our resources.

We establish policies and procedures that create an appropriate environment for both guests and volunteers. 

We are committed to working cooperatively with other private and public agencies to facilitate guests’ access to appropriate services and help them attain sustainable self-sufficiency.

The S4 Program

After moving into our shelter facility at Easton’s Promise in 2014, we developed the S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success).  S4 is a long-term, comprehensive program designed to guide guests from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  Through S4, guests receive personalized case management, help navigating local service providers, educational opportunities, and subsidized transitional housing.

After a background check and interview conducted by our Executive Director Julie Lowe and Director of Operations Fran Doran, and contingent on room availability, approved families and individuals are invited to stay at Easton’s Promise.  Easton’s Promise provides the unique experience of a homelike environment.  Each family has their own room with a bathroom, there is a backyard and living room with a play areas for children, a kitchen where guests can prepare their own food, and guests sit down each night together for “family dinner”.  This environment is integral to guests’ success, greatly improving the comfort of the children who stay with us, and providing the adults with a renewed sense of dignity, something that often suffers as a result of experiencing homelessness.

Once they are sheltered, guests work with Ms. Doran to create a plan that fits their particular needs and will help them to regain financial stability. Ms. Doran provides case management, connecting guests with the necessary service providers and supervising them as they work their plan.  While participating in our program, guests must participate in classes, including: health, parenting, budgeting, nutritional cooking, relapse prevention for those guests who are in recovery, and a class on poverty called “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World.”  In addition, guests who enter our program without a high school diploma will be tasked with earning their GED as part of their personalized plan.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of more than 450 wonderful volunteers from every corner of our community, who donate over 10,000 hours of their time each year to provide supervision, meals and fellowship for our guests at Easton’s Promise. 

As a result of partnerships with the Housing Commission of Talbot and two private landlords, we have been able to procure ten off-site apartments. Once guests have saved for their security deposit and half of their first month’s rent, are able to pay utilities, and have created a realistic budget, they are invited to move from the shelter facility into transitional housing. Guests start off by paying $250-$300 in rent while we subsidize the remainder, and continue to receive rigorous case management and educational opportunities for approximately two years as they incrementally take over their expenses until they are fully self-sufficient. 

Even after guests “graduate” from our program, they know that they can come to us anytime if they need anything.  We are now a permanent part of their support network, and will be there to help them maintain their independence.

Watch the video below to learn more about the S4 Program!

Our Team

Our Staff has a variety of expertise to help fulfill our mission of bringing our neighbors from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  Working with the Board of Directors, the staff oversees both our day-to-day and long-term needs .


Julie Lowe

Executive Director

Fran Doran

Director of Operations

Jayme Dingler

Marketing & Development

Support Staff


Joyce Scharch

House Manager/Volunteer Coordinator


Keith Camp

Overnight and Weekend Supervision


Hannah Palamaras

Overnight and Weekend Supervision


Howard Maxwell

Overnight Supervision


Diana Krotee

Overnight Supervision

Board of Directors


Peter Woicke

Board Chair


Julia McCalmon

Vice Chair


Bill Browning



Harvey Zendt



Sandra Hack

Lesley Israel

Ross Benincasa

Nancy Sajda

Ann Davis

Tom Arnold

Charlene DeShields

Stein Olavsrud

Rick VanEmburgh