Start a Fundraiser!

Turn your passion for TIS into a fundraiser to help fulfill our mission of helping our neighbors in need rebuild their lives!

Rally your friends, family, or customers to attend an event or contribute to an online fundraiser to benefit Talbot Interfaith Shelter!

“Team TIS” members often ask us how they can help our neighbors in need as they work to build a brighter future.  One of the many ways is to host a fundraiser in support of our mission.  Fundraisers not only help fund our program, but they also raise awareness for TIS and the work we do to address the root causes of homelessness and poverty in our community.  You can host an event on your own, with a community organization, or through your business… or create your very own online fundraiser!

“I decided to start my own fundraiser for TIS because it’s an amazing organization. During my time volunteering I’ve seen so many people get assistance they otherwise would never have received. I feel like TIS gives opportunities to people who would otherwise be struggling just to survive. Not only are the residents of TIS incredible, but the staff is beyond words…. I’ve grown to really love Talbot Interfaith Shelter’s mission, residents, volunteers, and staff.” 

– Taylor Gordon, TIS Volunteer

Become a TIS Fundraiser today!

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Plan your TIS fundraiser today, and help change the lives of families and individuals in need in our community!