Who is TIS?

"Team TIS" is made up of hundreds of incredible people from every corner of our community, who come together to make sure that local families in need have the time, knowledge, resources, and tools to overcome poverty and homelessness and achieve lasting self-sufficiency. Scroll through the page to learn more about these extraordinary people!

Who Is TIS?

Meet Alex Burleson!

It is Team TIS Tuesday! This week, we are pleased to introduce you to our wonderful Development Assistant, Alex Burleson! Alex has been with TIS …

Who Is TIS?

Meet our guest Josh!

We’re so excited for another Team TIS Tuesday, and we have an extra special treat for you today! Meet Josh, who is a guest at …

Who Is TIS?

Meet our guest Steve!

It’s Team TIS Tuesday, and we love introducing you to some of the guests who come through the S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success). Steve …

Who Is TIS?

Meet Julie and Steve Burleson!

Welcome back to another Team TIS Tuesday! TIS is blessed to have more than 1,000 donors from across our community whose generosity enables us to …

Who Is TIS?

Meet Will Steele!

It’s Team TIS Tuesday , and today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Will Steele! We are very excited to announce that Will …

Who Is TIS?

Meet Julia Miller, Kathryn Middleton, and Wanda and Matt Baynard!

It’s Team TIS Tuesday, and we absolutely love the opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of our extraordinary partners in the fight against homelessness. Today, …