FAQ: What is TIS’ Mission Statement?

Our Shared Mission:

Talbot Interfaith Shelter is dedicated to ending homelessness on Maryland’s Mid-Shore by providing Shelter, Stability, Support, and a path to Success for families and individuals in need.

Our Shared Vision:

Our vision is that no one in our community will ever have to spend a night on the streets, in a car or in the woods because he or she cannot find housing. 

Our Shared Principles:

We are sponsored and operated cooperatively by different religious faith groups and community organizations, who respect the individuality, confidentiality, and privacy of guests. Each member of the community is invited to volunteer in this effort. 

We believe that all men, women, and children have an inherent right to adequate housing that is safe and secure. TIS is open to individuals of all races, genders, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations and religions.

We provide a safe and secure environment that is smoke, alcohol, and drug free.

Guests are accepted on the basis of their ability to meet these standards, and our ability to meet their needs with our resources.

We establish policies and procedures that create an appropriate environment for both guests and volunteers. 

We are committed to working cooperatively with other private and public agencies to facilitate guests’ access to appropriate services and help them attain sustainable self-sufficiency.

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