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EASTON — Talbot Interfaith Shelter is asking for businesses to consider joining its TIS Business Partnership Plan and to use its 2020 advertising dollars to gain exposure and save lives.

The business partnership program helps to raise money for Talbot Interfaith Shelter while supporting the local business community. TIS is on a mission to end homelessness on the Mid-Shore by providing shelter, stability, support and a path to success for families and individuals in need.

There are partnerships at various financial levels, each with benefits that help partners maximize their advertising dollars while changing the lives of families and individuals in the community. Currently, 41 businesses are partners, including State Farm Insurance agent Greg Haddaway, Eat Sprout and Willow Construction.

“We wanted to have a way to recognize our business partners all year round for all they do versus approaching people for event sponsorships once a year,” said Jayme Dingler, TIS marketing and development director. “They really believe in what we are doing, and it is a great way for us to have something of value to give to them for their support, as well.”

When Haddaway was approached by a TIS board member about becoming a business partner, he learned about how the shelter program lifts people up and helps them get them back on their feet. He has been a partner with TIS for eight months.

“Our mission at State Farm is to be a good neighbor and to help those that may be in need,” Haddaway said. “I was looking for a way to give back to a community that has been good to me. I like what they stand for: that it doesn’t turn families away and it is a hand up for people in need. I’d like to see them have multiple properties to help more families in the future.”

Eat Sprout owner Ryan Groll has been a partner with TIS since his business opened. Groll reached out to TIS to provide food that wasn’t sold at the store the day, including, dinner, bread and snacks. For Groll, it is important not to waste food.

“We are constantly cooking and preparing food to feed the general public, but there are times when we have extra product or we overproduced food,” Groll said. “We would call (Talbot Interfaith Shelter) up, and they never turn it down. They keep food at their shelter, or they distribute it to different apartments that need (food). Then last year with the Talbot Hunger Coalition, we packed and donated meals. Part of this included TIS helping package and prepare the food in the kitchen, which was great.”

Businesses can choose from five partnership levels — Foundation, Open Doors, Home Builder, Raise the Roof and Lifetime.

Foundation level includes a non-clickable name listed on the TIS website and at the bottom of TIS’ e-newsletters, and recognition as a Foundation level sponsor at any major TIS event.

The Open Doors level includes a clickable name listed on the website and at the bottom of TIS’ e-newsletters and recognition as an Open Doors level sponsor at any major TIS event.

The Home Builder level includes clickable logo on the website, two social media mentions per year and a logo at the bottom of e-newsletters; recognition as a Home Builder level sponsor at any major TIS event, including a social media mention and logo on event page.

The Raise the Roof level includes clickable logo on the website, four social media mentions per year, clickable logo at the bottom of e-newsletters, recognition as a “presented by” sponsor at any major TIS event, including press releases and other media mentions, and a logo on the event webpage on website and in programs.

The Lifetime level includes the same benefits as the Raise the Roof level for life, a press release announcing the Lifetime Business Partnership and a room named in honor of the business in the shelter facility Easton’s Promise.

For more information, call Dingler at 443-786-4676 or visit www.talbotinterfaithshelter.org.

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