FAQ: What is the process for someone to be admitted into TIS?

Potential guests must call in and speak with a case manager if they need shelter.  The case manager performs a phone interview and collects information to run a background check. 

The background check looks specifically for violent crimes (especially with weapons), identity theft, repeated large theft, controlled dangerous substances, and any open bench warrants, in addition to checking the sex offender registry. 

If the potential guest passes the background check, and there is space available, they are invited for an interview.  At the interview, we are looking not only at the answers to our questions, but also at the interaction between parents and children, and whether the prospective guest seems like they will be willing and able to follow rules, stick to the program, and get along with other guests. 

If candidates seem to be a good fit for the S4 Program, they are then invited to join us. Families will stay at Easton’s Promise, while single men and women will stay Evelyn’s Place.

To learn more about TIS and our S4 Program, visit our About Us page HERE!