FAQ: How does the transitional housing program work?

Through partnerships with the Housing Commission of Talbot and private landlords, we have procured several off-site transitional apartments.  In order to be eligible to move into one of our apartments, guests must save enough money for the security deposit and half of the first month’s rent, must be able to pay for utilities, and must have worked with their case manager to create a realistic household budget. 

When guests move into an apartment, their rent responsibility begins at $350 dollars a month, and we subsidize the remainder.  As they become more financially stable, their portion of the rent increases incrementally over time until they are able to take over all of their expenses.  During this time, guests still receive rigorous case management and attend all available life skills classes.  Even after guests are able to take over the rent, they are still monitored for six months to a year to ensure that they can sustain the payments before graduating fully from our program.  In addition, once they leave our program, we remain part of their support network and they know they can come to us if they ever need anything.

To learn more about TIS and our S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success), visit our About Us page HERE!