FAQ: What are some of the rules guests must follow?

Both our shelters and our transitional apartments are drug and alcohol-free facilities.  Use of these substances is grounds for immediate dismissal.  Guests know that they could be subject to random testing, and if they are in recovery, the results of any mandatory testing through their recovery program must be made available to their case manager.  It is important to note that, if a potential guest is in recovery, they must have a minimum of six months sobriety prior to being accepted into our program, and must attend relapse prevention classes while staying with us.

If guests are not excused for work they must arrive back to their shelter facility for dinner by 5:15 each evening.  All guests who are not at work must sit down and eat dinner together each night.  Doors are locked at 7:00 every evening, which means that guests may not leave the house for any reason (even to smoke a cigarette) after that point.  If they do, they are not allowed to return before speaking with the Director of Operations.

It is very important that guests participate in the upkeep of the shelter facilities, so each person is assigned a specific chore to complete every day.  Chores rotate so that each guest has the opportunity to learn how to perform each job. 

Life skills classes are mandatory for all guests in the S4 Program, as are regular scheduled meetings with their case manager to review their progress within their plans, and discuss any problems, questions, or needs they may have.

To learn more about TIS and our S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success), visit our About Us page HERE!