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We are currently serving 43 people, including:

10 Single Individuals

13 Families

26 Children

Guests range in age from newborn to 60 years old

There is much to celebrate this month at Talbot Interfaith Shelter, and we have YOU to thank!!

One of our families welcomed a baby boy! Mother and child are doing well, and the other families at Easton’s Promise are welcoming our newest little guest with open arms.

One of our single guests purchased a car! While she just joined us when Evelyn’s Place opened early last month, the stability that she has found through staying with us enabled her to purchase and finance a car.  Now she will be able to get back and forth to work more safely.  We are so proud of her… the sky is the limit moving forward!

One of our families graduated from Easton’s Promise into one of our transitional apartments! Thanks to your generosity, their apartment came with everything they need to get started, from furniture all the way down to toiletries and cleaning supplies.  They will start off paying approximately half of the rent, while we subsidize the remainder.  Over the course of the next two years or so, their portion of the rent will increase incrementally as they become more stable until they are able to take over all of their expenses.  They will continue to receive rigorous case management and participate in life skills classes until they are ready to graduate fully from the S4 Program.

One of our guests got a promotion! Congratulations are in order for Spencer, one of the guests at Evelyn’s Place.  Spencer works at the Tidewater Inn, and has been doing such a wonderful job that they just offered him a promotion.  Way to go, Spencer!

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