FAQ: How long can people stay in the program?

There is no time limit for participation in the S4 Program as long as guests are making an effort to work their plans.  Our goal for our guests is Success.  Giving them an arbitrary time limit to reach that goal would almost certainly result in a return to homelessness. 

The road to independence is very rarely a straight line, so it is vital that our guests have TIS’ safety net and support to help them navigate any rough patches they may encounter. 

Guests generally stay in our shelters anywhere from a few months to a year, and in the transitional housing portion of our program up to two years. 

Even after they take over all apartment expenses, they are still monitored for six months to a year to ensure they are able to sustain housing payments for the long term. 

To learn more about our S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success), visit our About Us page HERE!