FAQ: Are people ever kicked out of the program?

Our program is certainly not for everyone.  It is a long process, and takes a lot of stamina, the ability to follow rules and respect authority, and a commitment to personal responsibility.  TIS and S4 are very different from most shelter programs.  Occasionally, guests decide that it is not for them, and make other living arrangements. 

There are also times when we must ask guests to leave who are breaking the rules or are deliberately not making progress with their personal plan.  These decisions are made only after great deliberation and multiple interventions with the guests and opportunities to continue moving forward.

Grounds for immediate dismissal include bringing or consuming drugs and alcohol on the premises, violence against another guest, or leaving the premises after doors are locked for the night.

To learn more about TIS and our S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success), visit our About Us page HERE!