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27 Sept 2020 by Bradley Dress bdress@chespub.com

The historic town of Easton has always been welcoming for tourist and able-bodied citizens. Less so for seniors, the homeless, and those with physical and mental disabilities, a new town committee says.

Deena Kilmon, who spearheaded the creation of this committee, knew that more than anyone. As the director of engagement for the nonprofit The Arc of the Central Chesapeake Region, she has worked with these vulnerable populations for the last few years. Her organization is part of a larger, national one that assists those struggling with a disability in their everyday lives.

When she worked with clients in Easton, Kilmon noticed a bad trend: many with disabilities could not get around town, access buildings, or find jobs easily. It was also hard for seniors and the homeless. While not unique to Easton, she said it was a persistent problem there.

Kilmon established the committee with the heads of two other nonprofits: Cristy Morell, Executive Director of Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers, and Jayme Dingler, Marketing and Development Director for Talbot Interfaith Shelter, a homeless shelter in the county.

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