Sally and Bobby’s Story*

*Names changed at request of guests

Sally and Bobby* are a great TIS success story! They joined us with their toddler son, and have truly thrived in our program. Sally wrote a letter about their experience. Please take a few minutes to read it below:

When most consider the word shelter they automatically assume the worst.  The worst people in the worst situation in the worst place.  Most people have on darkened glasses when it comes to the words living in the shelter.  Although most people don’t realize that in a matter of days they too could be in need of shelter.  Whether its an abusive relationship they are trying to escape or there home catches on fire leaving them with nothing.  No matter the situation that leads people to be in need of a shelter for a period of time Id hope that everyone has the opportunity to be allowed to stay in a shelter even remotely similar to Talbot Interfaith Shelter in Easton MD.  Talbot Interfaith SHELTER ( something that covers or affords protection). Although this establishment is not your typical shelter with multiple beds and group sleeping areas with group bathrooms it is still a “HOMELESS SHELTER”.  With separate bedrooms and bathrooms for each family that has had to stay here and a group family style dinner every night its more like a home then a shelter.  

After staying at Talbot Interfaith Shelter for several months I can honestly say that it was where I considered my home for that period of time.  I said I was going home not back to the shelter.  Not only me but my son and fiancé also.  After being homeless for a period of time and staying in a motel and with family and friends we finally ran out of options and with no where else to go I started making phone calls to all the local shelters in this area.  None of which I found allowed for you to stay indoors during the cold winter months for several hours a day.  Thank God I found the number to TIS.  After interviewing with with the ladies in charge.  I then moved into the shelter.  We were given our own room and bathroom allowing my son for the first time since birth to be in a stable environment and knowing that he wouldn’t have to move again until we were ready was huge relief.  

Before moving to TIS I was without a job and didn’t know where I would end up.  Now that we have been at TIS I am working full time my son will be starting daycare soon and my fiancé will be able to start working also allowing us to actually make forward progress in life rather then falling backwards.  We will soon be able to purchase a car and afford our own place steadily making forward progress in the mean time.  TIS has allowed us to spend time bettering our lives and our sons life.  We will be able to provide him with the life he deserves.  I honestly don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t found this “SHELTER”.  

When it comes down to it we were not drug addicts or bad people.  Were not what most people think lives in a shelter.   We were simply people that fell on hard times.  TIS is truly a blessing to the eastern shore of Maryland.  I only wish that those in the same situation as I once was in are able to find a place like TIS to call home even if only for a short period of time.  The people at TIS truly care and go beyond there means to help in anyway they can and I’m grateful to have them has a part of my life.”