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We are currently serving 30 people, including:

  • 10 Families
  • 16 Children
  • 3 Single Adults

ranging in age from 3 months to 40 years!

Guest news this month!

We welcomed two new families into Easton’s Promise!

We are excited to guide them on their path to self-sufficiency through our S4 Program

(Shelter, Stability, Support, Success).

A family moved from Easton’s Promise into one of our transitional apartments!

This family’s journey exemplifies that the process of getting back on one’s feet often includes setbacks and complications.  This is why we do not place arbitrary time limits on our guests.  Everyone’s situation is very different, and it is important that we continue to support guests who are making every effort to work through their plan, no matter how long it takes.  This family has fully committed to our program and they have worked incredibly hard.  We are so proud of them for moving on to the next step towards reclaiming their independence!

All ten of our apartments are now full!

The transitional housing component of our program is so important, as it allows guests to gradually work up to full financial independence.  This gives them the time and space to learn financial best practices, and provides a safety net, should they encounter a bump in the road.  While in transitional housing, they continue to receive rigorous case management and participate in our educational programming until they are ready to graduate from S4 and into their own housing.

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