June 2021 Newsletter – A look at what YOU make possible!

We are currently serving 34 people, including:

  • 10 Families
  • 18 Children (with four more on the way!)
  • 1 Single Adult

ranging in age from 6 months to 44 years!

Guest news this month!

One of our mothers landed a new job!

She has been caring for her toddler while her fiancée has been working to help support the family. She was beaming when she shared the news with us and is so excited about getting back into the workforce. 

Five more guests recently gradurated from the

“Getting Ahead In A Just Gettin’ By World” Program!

“Getting Ahead” is one of the most impactful courses that we offer as part of our S4 Program. In this thirteen week program guests delve into the root causes of poverty and how they got there. They learn life skills such as how to dress for a job interview and language skills in a professional setting. Guests also work to identify local resources available to assist them in reclaiming their stability and moving forward. They also learn how to wean themselves off these services once they are stable. Director of Operations, Fran Doran, who facilitates these classes tells us that the discussions were robust and insightful. Guests were vocal on a variety of issues from the economy, to racial injustice and how they can make a positive impact on our community.

Thank you, Thank you! From the Moms to be!

TIS is expecting! We have four babies on the way in the next few months. These babies will need many supplies and as always, you have stepped up and have demonstrated how generous this community really can be! Look for more information on our Facebook page as we move closer to the due dates for updates!

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