Fighting Homelessness (and uncertainty) Through the Power of Joy!

Talbot Interfaith Shelter’s Lip Sync Battle on April 18th was set to be quite a spectacle.  In its fourth year, the Lip Sync Battle is an evening of great joy and togetherness that is shared by people from all across the community.  Due to concerns over COVID-19, TIS decided to cancel their live show on April 18th.  However, that doesn’t mean the “battle” is off… in fact, TIS is moving full steam ahead, just in a slightly different direction.

Recognizing that things are uncertain, and that if there was ever a time when the community needed a little extra happiness, it is now, the shelter opted not to postpone the live event, but instead convert the Lip Sync Battle to an online-only competition.

Event organizer and TIS Marketing and Development Director Jayme Dingler had this to say about the change: “Admittedly, we were disappointed to have to cancel our live event, which, in addition to being our biggest annual fundraiser, also just means a lot to our participants and to the community as a whole.  But that disappointment was short-lived, as we realized we had an opportunity to make a greater difference.  Our mission is to lift up our neighbors in need.  Right now, all of our neighbors are in need, and this is something we can do to lift them up.”

Dingler says the new goal of Lip Sync Battle 2020 is to spread some happiness and comic relief by encouraging whoever is so inclined to create a lip sync video and share it, whether they decide to raise funds in support of the shelter’s mission or not. 

She says, “We know that there will be a lot of people at home, looking for ways to fight boredom and entertain their families.  We want to give them something fun to do with one another, but we thought it would be equally important for people to know that they will be entertaining others, spreading laughter and joy to their neighbors and friends, and hopefully helping people to see that, although we might not be able to be with one another, we are still there for one another.” 

Those who have purchased tickets to the live show have the option of receiving a refund for their purchase, or converting their ticket purchase to a donation to benefit TIS, which can be attributed to the Lip Sync team of their choice.  Ticket holder should reach out to 443-786-4676 or to let TIS know what to do with their purchase.

For those who choose to “compete” by raising funds, TIS will stream live on Facebook on May 1st to announce the winner – the team who raised the most money in support of its mission.

To participate by raising funds for Talbot Interfaith Shelter, contact Jayme Dingler at 443-786-4676 or to find out how to get started.  To simply make a video to be shared with the community, either upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link to, or upload it to Facebook and tag Talbot Interfaith Shelter, Inc and/or use the hashtag #TISLipSync2020. 

To learn more about Lip Sync Battle 2020, watch the videos, play Lip Sync Roulette, or to vote by making a donation to TIS, visit our Lip Sync page HERE.