August 2023 Newsletter – Our Guests Are “Getting Ahead,” Thanks To YOU!

Thanks to YOU, we served 55 people this month, including:

11 Single Individuals

16 Families

23 Children

Guests ranged in age from 16 months to 66 years old

Your support makes such a difference in the lives of the men, women, and children we serve! You are equipping our guests with the time, knowledge, resources, and confidence they need to achieve Success!

Take a look at what you made possible this month:

Take a look at what you made possible this month:

Two of our families were able to move directly into their own housing from Easton’s Promise (our family shelter) this month! While they won’t be completing the full S4 Program (Shelter, Stability, Support, Success), we are thrilled that they have been given this opportunity for a new beginning!

We have already welcomed two new families into Easton’s Promise. A family of five and a family of two both joined us this week. They are eager to begin their journey towards self-sufficiency!

Fifteen of our children headed back to school this week. Thanks to the Billy Scott Fund for making sure each and every child started the school year with all of the supplies they needed!

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