Meet Shoreline Pest Solutions!

Happy Team TIS Tuesday! Today we are highlighting Shoreline Pest Solutions and its owner, John, who is a friend of Talbot Interfaith Shelter and regional, state-certified expert on controlling all things pest-related.

Talbot Interfaith Shelter is known as a safe and comfortable haven in our Mid-Shore community, a circumstance made possible by guests being housed in two beautiful and cozy homes. Our commitment to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for our families and individuals means that we rely on the generosity and expertise of a local business partner to keep our rooms and living spaces pest-free.

Thanks, Shoreline Pest Solutions, for keeping the shelter safe from those little local creepy crawlers and being an essential part of Team TIS!

If you need help at your home or business, you can reach Shoreline Pest Solutions at (443) 735-3739.