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As the Spy celebrates its tenth year of operation, it dawned on us that there were quite a number of enterprises on the Mid-Shore that started about the same time..

Ranging from bakeries to nonprofit businesses and buildings, dozens of small businesses opened their doors amid a significant economic recession, relying on instinct and confidence that their services would be sought after, no matter the current business climate.With that in mind, the Spy has decided to interview many of these brave entrepreneurs and leaders over the next year for them to reflect on their experiences.

We continue with our chat with Julie Lowe, founder and executive director of Talbot Interfaith Shelter, who talks about the organization’s modest beginnings in providing temporary housing for the region’s homeless; the transition to their Easton’s Promise group home on Goldsbrough Street; and the organization’s mission to be a critical safety net for the community’s neighbors that have temporarily run out of money and luck in finding a roof over their head.

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