It really does not take much to touch the life of a person or family in need. Things that we normally take for granted, like having nourishing food or a warm place to sleep is something that not all people in our community have. With your help we can change that!

There are lots of things that we can do to help people who are down on their luck and need a helping hand to get by. TIS needs volunteers to provide evening and overnight supervision, and to bring and share home-cooked evening meals with guests and other volunteers. We do our best to make our guests feel at home.

Give Your Time

We have been blessed with hundreds of volunteers with huge hearts. There are many ways that you can donate your time to our neighbors in need.

Join a Volunteer Team

We have 31 volunteer teams. Each provides supervision and dinner one day per month. You can sign up for a team, or add your name to our list of alternates in case we have a volunteer unable to make their shift.

Each volunteer team covers three shifts:

AM Shift - One or two volunteers provides supervision from 7-10 am
Dinner - A volunteer or volunteers provides dinner for our guests at 5:30 pm. Volunteers are encouraged to join our guests for the meal.
PM Shift - Two volunteers provide supervision from 7-11 pm. Our paid overnight supervisor will arrive to take over at 11 pm.

In addition, we also have daytime supervisors who stay from 10-1 or 1-4. Let us know if you would be interested in being added to the daytime supervision list.

Other Volunteer Needs

There are many other ways that you can use your time and talent to contribute to the success of our organization. We are always looking for people to help with the following:

Administrative Help - data entry, filing, etc.
Event Planning - Help us plan and execute fundraising events!
Home Maintenance - painting, small repair projects, HVAC maintenance, etc.
Marketing and Communications - contribute to newsletters, press releases, social media, etc.

If you have experience in or a passion for any of the following, consider lending your time to TIS!

To volunteer, contact:


Anyone who would like to volunteer to provide supervision for our guests must read our Volunteer Handbook and complete and return our Volunteer Registration Form and Background Check Form to our mailing address: TIS, P.O. Box 2004 Easton, MD 21601. Background checks will need to be repeated every three years, per our policy. If you are volunteering in another capacity, please complete and return the Volunteer Registration Form only.

  • Volunteer Registration Form

  • Volunteer Background Check Form

  • Volunteer Handbook
  • A hearty thank you to all the individuals and community organizations who are making our transition to a 365 day shelter possible!

    Date                Team
    1                    ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH
    2                    ST. LUKE'S UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
    3                    REAL LIFE CHAPEL
    4                    DEMOCRATIC WOMEN'S CLUB  
    5                    CHRIST CHURCH EASTON  
    6                    TEAM JAYME
    7                    CHRIST CHURCH ST.MICHAELS   
    8                    BAY HUNDRED TEAM
    10                   GAIL BENJAMIN'S TEAM #1     
    11                   ROYAL OAK COMMUNITY UMC    
    12                   GAIL BENJAMIN'S TEAM #2     
    13                   PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF EASTON   
    14                   SAJDA/SIMONOFF TEAM
    15                   NEW ST JOHN'S UMC CHURCH/AKA TEAM 
    16                   CLIZBE TEAM     
    18                   FAIRVIEW CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN
    20                   **OPEN DATE - Start a volunteer team!**
    21                   TRINITY CATHEDRAL
    22                   **OPEN DATE - Start a volunteer team!** APPLEBEES PROVIDES DINNER
    23                   ST. MARK'S UMC
    24                   MARY ANN HICKS TEAM      
    25                   TEMPLE B'NAI ISRAEL    
    26                   BOZMAN UMC
    27                   BILL QUICK'S TEAM
    28                   TRAX TEAM    
    30                   **OPEN DATE - Start a volunteer team!** OLIVE GARDEN PROVIDES DINNER
    31                   NITA'S NONS

    Many thanks to OLIVE GARDEN and APPLEBEES for providing dinner once per month!

    Other participating organizations: Easton HS Students, Waterboyz for Jesus, First Baptist Church of Easton, Asbury Methodist Church- Easton, and Union of UMC St. Michaels